Higgins & Burke Bergamia Grey Tea K Cup Pods

Higgins & Burke

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Flavored Earl Grey tea.

Made naturally: made with Earl Grey black tea, Green tea, orange peel, natural flavors, and rose petals. Bergamia Grey has hand plucked black and green teas folded with citrus, rose and bergamot.

  • Fantastic fresh flavor: Higgins & Burke ensures each sip delivers the unique flavor and freshness of your favorite blends. Great tea needs time for the rolled leaves to unfurl and deliver their flavor.
  • Easy to use, just for you: compatible for use in Keurig K-Cup brewers. Higgins & Burke and RealCup brands have no affiliation with Keurig Green Mountain Inc., Keurig or K-Cup.
  • Your favorite tea: Our capsules are the Better choice of tea for your kitchen and the environment, all at a lower cost. Our teas are made with meticulous care to maximize flavor and provide a better, full-bodied taste you will love to the Last drop.
  • Unique, Eco FRIENDLY tea:Our blend of Bergamia Grey loose leaf tea. Higgins & Burke brings a new eco-consciousness to single-serve with the ecocup recyclable capsule. Certified from the Ethical Tea Partnership and Kosher.